He's pretty good at making funny faces

Character Name: Abigail

Universe Name: Bastard!!

Status in regards to the plot: Support

Tier in the series: Low Tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Superhuman strength and durability, mastery of necromancy and black magic, regeneration (high-mid), multiple brains allowing him to keep on living even after his main brain is completely incapacitated, can fuse with computers and hack them, with his living tentacles armor he's completely impervious to lightning based attacks

Destructive Capability: Around city level

Speed: Unknown

Intelligence: Vast knowledge of physics, magic and history

Stamina: Incredibly high, was never shown to be tired in battle

Durability: City level+

Race: Human/artificial being

Occupation: Dark Priest, Rider of Havoc

Range: Several dozen meters

Weakness: None Notable

Accuracy: Pretty accurate

Standard Equipment: Tiny Mallet, Magical Flail Good Morning Mommy, Abigail's Iron Bat, Abigail's Pretty Stick, Abigail's Crystal


Battle History in The Arena:

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