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Worlds best Math genius, and he spends all his time protecting a loli

Character Name:

Accelerator (Real Name Unknown)

Epithet: He who wields Power that Equates to a Piece of God

Universe Name: To Aru Majutsu no Index/To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Status in Regards to the plot: Primary Character, Protagonist, Ex-Antagonist

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Vector Control

Destructive Capability: County Level+ to Continent Level.

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Mach 23+ at a minimum)

Intelligence: The worlds biggest mathematical genius, genius in combat as well, was able to calculate and include vectors of a previously nonexistent form of matter while in the heat of battle and protecting all surrounding civilians. 

Stamina: Superhuman, Much longer in Awakened mode.

Durability: Continent Level without his Vector Shields while Awakened, is able to control the directions of anything that has vectors, slightly resistrant to Mindf*ck. his barriers operate on a quantum level.

Race: Human, Angel(Awakened Mode)

Occupation: Former student, Level 5 ESPer, Former Member of GROUP

Range: As far as Vectors he is touching go, Continental while Awakened

Weakness: None notable. In his weakened state he has a time limit on his powers of 30 min

Accurary: Perfect(He couldn't aim with his Handgun once, so he shot at himself and was able to perfectly hit the opponent)

Standard Equipment: Used to have a Cane, but right now, nothing notable.


Accelerator using his Dark Wings.


Vector control

: Accelerator can control the vector values of anything that

Accelerator's true awakening.

comes in contact with his skin. that means if he touches a flowing river, he can make it flow in any direction he wants, in reverse, up, left, right and even down into the ground. in his fight with touma, he controls the vectors of the air and condences it into one point. this caused all the hydrogen in at that point to burn, making plasma.

Earth stomp: using his powers, he stomps the ground and causes an explosion of earth which he uses to attack his opponent.

Blood invert: he sticks his finger in his oppoents wound and reverses the flow of blood. an instant kill.

Vector shoot: accelerator touches an object and throws it at an opponent.

Wind control: accelerator controls the vectors of the wind and creates F7 tornados

Plasma storm: with his wind control, he condense the surrounding air into one point and creates plasma.

Kenetic blast: in one of his battles, he took the rotational vectors of the earth and channeled it into an attack. he used some much of the earths rotational force that the planet slowed down by 5 min.

Brain hack: accelerator can control the electrical signals in a persons brain. doing this, he can rewrite memories and the persons personality. this requires physical contact.

Flight: by controling his own gravity and the wind around him, accelerator can fly. currently though, he can fly by other means.

Dust explosion: in his last fight with MISAKA 10032, accelerator ingnited saw dust in the air to create a dust explosion.

Anti-magic field: thanks to the density of his AIM field, all magic is canceled within its area of affect.

Darkwing mode: accelerators awakened mode. he gains the ability to overwrite his own ability. Through the input of AIM, he can control vectors that supposedly don't exist as well. he also gains 100 100 meter long wings made of a material similar to Kakine's dark matter. they can disintagrate matter on contact and will auto attack if he falls unconscious.

Angel mode: after becoming an angel, accelerator gained a massive stat boost. he does not need to use his vector powers to fly and he can tank continental busters without his barrier. he also gets a halo. lolz

Magic manipulation: when he became an angel, accelerator gain the ability to controle magic to a certain extent.

Magic: accelerator can cast magic but because hes an esper, it could cause him serious harm.

Accelerator is also an expert marksman with out his powers and is an expert when it comes to electronics and mechanical devices.

Battle History in The Arena:

Notable victories:

-Dante and Bayonetta(Devil May Cry and Bayonetta)-stomp

-Sieghart and Shuda(Rave Master)

-HST and Fairy Tail-even more of a stomp

Notable losses:

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