It's always the badasses named Ace that go out in a blaze of glory ain't it?

Character Name: AcidAce, Arthur C. EosAcid

Universe Name: MegaMan


Ace's unfused form


Acid's unfused form

Status in regards to the plot: Secondary protagonist

Tier in the series: High Mid

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super strength, speed, agility, durability, endurance, teleportation, intangability, levitation, collects and analyzes data on everything in the area

Destructive Capability: Continent Levl+

Speed: FTL

Intelligence: Extremely high, omniscient of the immediate area by analysis

Stamina: Superhuman

Durability: Continent Level+

Race: Fusion of the human Ace and Wizard Acid

Occupation: Policeman, Satella Police Commando

Range: Extended human melee range

Weakness: Wave changing puts immense pressure on Ace

Accuracy: Near perfect, perfect with Lock On

Standard Equipment: Acid-Wave Analyzer, Acid Blaster

Noteable Techniques:

  • Acid-Wave Analyzer: This part comprises the whole of Acid's capabilities for information collection and analysis. It uses every piece of information before it to create an unstoppable strategy. Through Acid, it can also connect to the Satella Police database and instantly delete any virus that has been registered there.
  • Acid Blaster: An EM Wave Energy gun featuring a Hunter-VG, this weapon enables Acid to dispatch a wide variety of attacks using the same Battle Cards as Mega Man. It was originally designed with long-range attacks in mind, but Acid Ace has proven himself to be more proficient with Sword-type cards. Other than normal shooting device, Acid Ace use this to dispatch a variety of Battle Cards below:
    • Buzz Saw: A buzzsaw travels down the column before curving at the player's row. It can be deflected by attacking the wheel and blocked. Sword attribute.
    • Grand Wave: A wave travels across the ground and changes rows to move towards the player
    • Dance Fire: A flame hits all panels down the current column. Fire element.
    • Wide Wave: Wave travels down three adjacent columns.
    • Stealth Laser: Fires several invisibility-piercing shots down the column. Elec element.
    • Squall: A small tornado hits multiple times on one panel, removing Barriers and Auras. Wood element, Wind attribute.
  • Wing Blade: Acid Ace charges down his current column, hitting anything in his path as well as the adjacent columns. This attack can be blocked if the player is not directly in front of him. Wind and Break attributes.
  • Acid Laser: Acid Ace charges energy and fires a multi-hit laser down his column as well as the adjacent column(s).

Other: (external infomation or some note)

Battle History in The Arena:

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