Character Name: Sakazuki / Akainu

Universe Name: One Piece

Status in regards to the plot: Antihero


Powers and Abilites: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina, ate the Magu Magu no mi- ability to manipulate, create and become magma, Haki (CoA and possibly CoO he demonstrate CoA when Whitebeard was going to quake MF with Aokiji and Kizaru) Destructive Capability: City level, likely higher (he hasn't shown his full power during Whitebeard War)

Speed:  Massively hypersonic+(mach 126+), likely higher (was able to out speed Jinbe, who easily caught Luffy in G2 mode and considered that he is one of the strongest of One Piece,is casually faster than Jyabura who outpaced Usopps mach 19 bullets,also faster than Doflamingo)

Intelligence: Very smart, tricked Squardo and made him attack Whitebeard.

Stamina: Very high considering that he took a beating and a quake from WB and still managed to stand up and fight.

Durability: City level +, likely higher

Race/Occuptions: Human

Accurary: Very high


sword > magma > fire

Battle History in The Arena: