Night Raid

Akame ga Kiru! is a manga published in Gangan Joker authored by Takahiro and Tashiro Tetsuya. It is set in a medieval time where the capital is filled with darkness and corruption.
Awesome shounen series full of gore, deaths, action and many other dark elements. Nothing like your run of the mill shounen.


Tatsumi and 2 of his friends go on a journey to the capital in hope to bring money for their village by becoming soldiers. On their way, they were separated but Tatsumi managed to get to the capital by himself. He was conned by a girl who offers him a job at the military in exchange for all of his savings.
Having no place to sleep, a wealthy young lady offers him a place to stay at her house. Soon, the mansion is attacked by a group of assassins known as "Night Raid", and after a struggle, the girl who conned Tatsumi out of his money earlier shows up, and is revealed to be a member of Night Raid herself. She interrupts the fight between Tatsumi and Akame (another Night Raid member), and reveals that Aria is actually a sadist who tortures innocent people, including Tatsumi's friends he left the village with. Knowing the truth, and furious at the death of his friends, Tatsumi slays Aria himself.
Night Raid and particularly Leone(the con girl) are impressed by his potential and officially invite him to join their group of assassins. Tatsumi leaves with the group (being carried off by them), and they head back to the hideout. After contemplating about the darkness looming in the capital, he agreed to be the member of the assassination squad.

Standing and PowersEdit

Akame ga Kiru! has weapons called Teigu, mysterious and extremely powerful relics created hundreds of years ago by the First Emperor. The wielders of Teigu are granted powers such as ice manipulation, flight, powerful sniper rifle, full body armor capable of invisibility along with arsenals of other weapons, Katana that could injects lethal poison once it pierces skin, etc.
Still, the verse is relatively weak, majority of the characters are around Building level to city-block level in destructive power. Top tiers have shown much better feats but overall, they are below Fairy Tail.

Character ProfilesEdit



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