One of the greatest female Nono.

Character Name: Al Azif / Necronomicon

Universe Name: Demonbane

Status in regards to the plot: Main character, main heroine

Tier in the series: Low-mid tier (before complete) / Low-high tier (complete) / Zero tier (Elder god)

Gender: Female, but she was originally a book so unknown.

Powers and Abilites: Super durability, speed, flight, can make contact, magic barrier and sensing, transform, manifestation of various weapon, summoning, etc

Destructive Capability: Small building level (nearly destroy an small shop), possibly higher after complete | At least multiverse level+ via powerscaling

Speed: At least supersonic+ via powerscaling | Unknown (and definitely not needed)

Intelligence: Knowledge over 1000 years of living, being the original copy of Nerconomicon gain her massive unholy knowledge about magic, as she capable silience Ruri with only few words

Stamina: Peak human+ without a master, likely higher with a master | Infinite

Durability: Large building level+ (tanked Legacy's attacks for Kurou) | At least multiverse level+ via powerscaling

Race: Grimmore / Magic Book | Elder God, God

Occupation: Magician

Range: Several of meters | Presumbly infinite

Weakness: Childish like personality, unknown after become Elder God

Accurary: She one shot the entire police force despite they are pretty far from her

Standard Equipment: Demonbane, serveral her pages such as Atlach Nacha, Cthugha, Ithaqua,...

Other: Base | Elder god form

Battle History in The Arena: