The Wickedest man in the World

Character Name: Aleister Crowley

Universe: To Aru Majutsu no Index

Epithet: General Superindentent of Academy City, The Wickedest man in the World.

Status in regards to the plot: Secondary Character, Antagonist

Gender: Male...I think.

Powers and Abilites: Magic, Semi-omnipresence(Unexplained), Super Speed, Future prediction, Master Strategist and of Prep/Planning

Destructive Capability:  Unknown, however Aleister stomped Fiamma in La Persona mode, showed some kind of energy attack that destroyed Fiamma's arm. Also fought a bunch of Magic Gods and destroyed their infinite realm.

Speed: Semi-omnipresent, was in Russia and Academy City at the same time also the Light Novel describe him Being everywhere.

Intelligence: Genius, One of the greatest mage of the 20th century if not all time, has thousands upon thousands of plans running at any given time, everytime a plan is scrapped another plan replaces it that gives Aleister a advantage.

Stamina: Unknown

Durability: Unknown.

Race: Human

Occupation: General Superintendent of Academy City

Range: unknown, destroyed the realm of the magic gods which was infinite.

Weakness: Apparently his "real" body needs a device to stay alive, it's unknown how true this is considering his semi-omnipresence.

Accurary: Unknown

Standard Equipment: Blasting Rod

Notable Techniques: 

Archetype Controller: allowing him control over archetypes, a psychological concept for a common understanding or sense of values that developed as each member of a race or group dealt with an identical problem in the same way. Somehow Aleister can create, send them out of the world, and even destroy them.

Blasting Rod: Unknown what capabilities it has other than the energy shot which one shotted La Persona Mode Fiamma, apparently the staff isn't supposed to exist in the current continuity or time but Aleister still posesses it.

Moonchild: Stated by Stiyl Magnus to have an angel binding technique, which can be used to establish the summoning of a spirit, capture it, and seal it. It is supposedly used to help with the memory erasure of Index.

Book of Law: A Grimoire written by Crowley, should have some scary shit in it but is currently featless.

Other: N/A

Battle History in The Arena:

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