Ansem render action khi

He can Shounen speech with the best of them

Character Name: Ansem

Universe: Kingdom Hearts

Status in regards to the plot: Secondary Character, Antagonist

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super Strength/Speed/Durability/Agility, Afterimages, Multiple elemental magic types, can use a Guardian in battle for increased offensive and defensive capability.

Destructive Capability: Island Level+ in all forms

Speed: Massively Hypersonic, is equal to Riku

Intelligence: Genius level. Able to manipulate several characters into the palm of his hands 

Stamina: Superhuman, lived on for over a year after being beaten to death.

Durability:  City level+

Race: Heartless

Occupation: Trying to recapture control of Riku's body so he can come back to life.


Darkness and tentacle rape

Range: Extended Melee Range with Guardian, Hundreds of Meters with Magic/ Large Range in Giant Heartless mode.

Weakness: Light magic in general

Accurary: Medium to High.

Standard Equipment: His Pimp coat and Speeches of Darkness

Notable Techniques: 

Guardian: Has humongous raw physical strength, provides a large defensive and offensive boost.

Magic: Several of the basic Elemental magics(such as Firage/Blizzage/Thundaga) and Darkness Magic.

Meteor...thing: Ansem forms a barrier around himself in front and proceeds to fly around the field trying to bludgeon the enemy to death with the darkness barrier that doubles as both offense and defense.

Unamed Move: Sends out his guardian, who proceeds to erupt from the ground damaging the opponent, he ends by having the Guardian return to his position and sending tall spikes of darkness in all directions.


History in the Battle Arena: 

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