The God of Destruction. Charming, isn't she?

Character Name: Anthrax

Universe name: Bastard!!

Status in regards to the plot: Villian

Tier in the series: Mid Tier

Gender: Supposedly female

Powers and Abilites: Telepathy/mind control, teleportation, flight, regeneration (high-high), energy beams, controls air pressure and can create gigantic tornadoes, able to take down a group of skyscrapers simply by exhaling, able to survive in space, can absorb the souls of those it killed to get stronger, can fuse with other demons to increase its mass and destructive power, able to warp space around it to shield itself from attacks, powerful barriers, its individual cells can transform into very powerful monsters, as well as infect other beings and control them as well as grant them some of Anthrax's own powers like regeneration

Destructive Capability: Life wiper

Speed: Movement speed is unknown, lightspeed reactions

Intelligence: Said to be able to process information faster than futuristic supercomputers

Stamina: : Can fight at least for 10 days straight non stop

Durability: Continent level+, potentially planet level+ (Regeneration makes her very hard to kill)

Race: Artificial Being (cyborg)

Occupation: Demon/Deity, Former Angel

Range: At least tens of kilometers

Weakness: Leaves an extremely short interval between attacks where it's defenseless

Accuracy: High

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable


Battle History in The Arena:

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