Ttgl anti spiral doodle by kdzgirl-d33sibd

Simon won through asspull.

Name: Anti-Spiral

Gender: Likely Male, judging from the voice. Although the Anti-Spiral race likely consists of both men and women.

Classification: Omniscient, Nigh-Omnipotent being.

Age: Unknown

Powers and Abilities: Nigh-Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Reality-Warping, Omniscient, etc.

Weaknesses: Extremely arrogant, plot no jutsu

Destructive Capacity: Universe Level by feats of the Grand Zamboa mechs Infinity Big Bang Storm, potentially Multiverse+ level as he is a nigh-omnipotent. 

Range: Universal by feats, potentially Multiversal.

Speed: Omnipresent (Massively FTL while using the Grand Zamboa)

Durability: Universe level by feats, potentially Multiverse level.

Striking Strength: Immesureable as he is a Nigh-Omnipotent.

Lifting Strength: Immesureable as he is a Nigh-Omnipotent.

Intelligence: Omniscient

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Note: Anti-Spiral's battle against Simon and the gang was full of PIS/CIS. TTGL could have been instantly squashed due to his powers. It was just that Anti-Spiral wanted to bring absolute despair by fighting on the same level as TTGL.

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