Character Name: Arceus

Universe Name: Pokémon

Race: Alpha Pokémon

Gender: Genderless

Occupation: Ruling the Pokéverse

Status In Regards To The Plot: Antagonist | Antagonist | N/A

Series Tier: God Tier (strongest Pokémon) | Top Tier (was still whooping the Dragon Trio) | N/A

Powers and Abilities: Nigh Omnipotence, Multiversal Creation, Space/Time Distortion, Flight, Use of all Pokémon Elemental Types, Forcefields, Telekenesis, Telepathy, Can Completely Remake Anything It Has Destroyed (only shown on non-living things) | Space/Time Distortion, Flight, Use of all Pokémon Elemental Types (except for types of missing plates), Telepathy | N/A

Destructive Capability: Multiversal (is at least capable of destroying its own creations) | Multi City Block w/ Judgement | N/A

Range: Multiversal (can affect multiple timelines and universes) | Judgment can be used over a distance of a few meters up to a few kilometers depending on how high in the air Arceus is. Flamthrower is a medium ranged attack.

Accuracy: Doesn't need any | Judgement relies on a large AoE to hit. Flamethrower hasn't been shown hitting anything notably small or fast

Durability: Multiversal | Extremely High. (It was able to take electrical shocks from 50+ Pokémon without the electric plate, was buried in a rock slide, dug his way out, took massive electrocution again, was buried under an even bigger rockslide....and all that just made Arceus mad) Also, it should be noted that Arceus is immune to any elemental technique that it has a plate for. However, to avoid a no limits fallacy, anything above what the Dragon Trio can dish out together might do damage. Also, Arceus cannot be more than one type at a time so a joint attack with more than one type would theoretically hurt it. | N/A

Stamina: No limits have been shown | No limits have been shown | N/A

Weakness: None | Whichever plates it is missing | N/A

Speed: Movement: Can travel between universes almost instantly with a wormhole

Intelligence: Enough to create a universe, but not enough to run it properly. Is easily tricked, but you better not let it find out otherwise you're dead

Standard Equipment: 16 plates, one for each Pokémon elemental type. Arceus's strength is largely dependent on these plates.

Notable Techniques (Anime):

- Judgement: Arceus shoots a ball of energy into the air, and it rains down like a meteor shower over a large AoE

- Flamethrower: Shoots flames in such a concentrated beam that they can carve through solid stone

Other: All stats are based on feats outside of Arceus's personal universe. It is immensely more powerful while there, however, it is unlikely that it would be the location of a vs. debate. Also, anything PIS and CIS related hasn't been taken into consideration (such as attempting to tank a meteor insted of just transporting it to another dimension).

Battle History in the Arena:

Anime (prime) | Anime (with 11 plates, minus water, grass, ground, electricity, dragon) | Adventures (N/A yet)

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