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Dark Schneider's "daughter", The Thunder Empress Arshes Nei

Character Name: Arshes Nei

Universe Name: Bastard!!

Status in regards to the plot: Support

Tier in the series: Low Tier

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilites: Superhuman strength and speed, mastery of wind, lightning and fire magic, skilled swordsman, flight, ability to nullify magic

Destructive Capability: City block level+ by feats, possibly mountain level

Speed: Supersonic reactions

Intelligence: Above average

Stamina: Above peak human

Durability: building level+

Race: Half Human/half Dark Elf

Occupation: The Thunder Empress, Warrior Mage, Rider of Havoc

Range: Few dozen meters

Weakness: None Notable

Accuracy: Pretty accurate

Standard Equipment: Raijinken


Battle History in The Arena:

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