Sword Art Online Vol 05 -109

the only picture of Behemoth. (face on the right)

Character Name: Behemoth

Universe Name: Sword Art Online

Status in regards to the plot: minor villan

Tier in the series:

Gender: male

Powers and Abilites: increased speed, strength, endurance, durablity

Destructive Capability: wall lvl

Speed: can't run because of the weight of his gun. fast attack speed.

Intelligence: high


Durability: Race: human

Occupation: body guard

Range: 3,280 ft (1,000 m, 1,093 yd)

Weakness: he can't run because of the weight of his gun and he has a limited amount of ammo

Accurary: ok. he realies on the power and rapid fire attack speed of his gun to kill enemies

Standard Equipment: GE M134 Minigun


Battle History in The Arena: