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Brass is the guy behind Depore

Character Name: Brass

Universe Name: Immortal Regis/Cavalier of the Abyss

Status in regards to the plot: support

Tier in the series: high tier

Gender: male

Powers and Abilites: able to create dimentional barriers (kind of like ToArus Index when in johnpen mode), time manipulation, increase speed, strength, endurence, and durability, portal creation, can shove 5 sillion coin (local currency) up his nose

Destructive Capability:


Intelligence: excellent fighter and scholar

Stamina: (how long they can fight or do something)

Durability: unknown

Race: unknown

Occupation: none

Range: melee

Weakness: none noticable


Standard Equipment: 5 sillion coins



time manipulation: he can age people using magic. So far he has shown to be able to age a person by 5,256,000 hours. This probably isn't his limit.

space magic: he uses this to make barriers that apparently only negative magic was shown to be able to break through. They are barriers crated by manipulation space, kind of like John Pen indexes St. George's Sanctuary. They look like small, hand-sized gears with large holes in the centre. He has been able to create multiple "barriers" at a time.

portal creation: Brass is able to create portals to other people, even if hes never seen them before. The limit for the distance is unknown.

Battle History in The Arena: