The Second Princess of the United Kingdom

Character Name: Carissa

Universe: To Aru Majutsu no Index

Epithet: The Princess that posesses the aspect of the Militar

Status in regards to the plot: Secondary Character, Protagonist, Ex-Antagonist.

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilites: Super Strength/Durability/Speed/Agility/Endurance, Dimensional manipulation, Force field, Genius straegist in war, can amp everyone under her command.

Destructive Capability: City Level(at 40+% output in using Curtana Original, more than half of her power was torn from her before her City Level feats and she only had 80 percent of Curtana's power the remaining 20% going to Curtana Second which was still active, was also stated to be able to destroy Europe Single handedly.)

Speed: Hypersonic+(Mach 23 at the least, fought evenly with Gabriel for a while)

Intelligence: Genius Level. Instigated a rebellion and led it while actually hiding her true objective from everyone except her older sister(Who possesses the aspect of intellect) who needed several pieces of evidence to determine Carissa's true object, easily anticipated enemy strategies and abused weakeness in opponents formations.

Stamina:  Superhuman

Durability: Multiple City Block, tanked a partially blocked Cluster Bomb, Mountain Level+ at a minimum with shards of Curtana Second.

Race: Human

Occupation: Princess

Range: All of the UK, otherwise Several Kilometers

Weakness: None Notable

Accurary: High

Standard Equipment: Curtana Original, Shards of Curtana Second

Notable Techniques: 

Dimensional Cut: Curtana can slice dimensions and create aftermass from the slicing of dimensions. At half output she can level a city.

Curtana's Blessing: If someone is under Carissa, she can amp their power via Idolatry theory. Which makes The leader of Curtana Original the leader of angels and their followers angels.

Magical Senses: Carissa can sense how the battle is flowing around her, this augments her reactions and accuracy.

Strategic Bombardment: Carissa can call the combined forces of artillery, cruise missiles and bombers to level everything and everybody in 5 kilometers radius.

Shards of Curtana Second: One shard can erect a barrier to Misha’s Water Wings which were casually mountain busting. Carissa also used 10 of her shards to stop a sweep from Gabriel during their fight. The shard is also capable of becoming something like a lightsaber to be used as a melee weapon which were shown to be go toe toe with Maiden of Versailles sword which was like a French Version of Curtana.

Other: N/A

Battle History in The Arena:

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