Cars resized

Character Name: Cars

Universe Name: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency

Status in regards to the plot: Main villian

Tier in the series: High Tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super strength, endurance, speed and durability, absorbtion of organic matter, regeneration (at least low-high), immortality (types 1 and 3), shapeshifing | reactive evolution, ability to create living beings from his body, eyesight equal to space telescope, super hearing, antennas that can detect both heat and air movement, can dismantle his skeleton on a cellular level in order to take on the shape of any kind of human or animal, feathers that harden like the shell of an armadillo, and with that can deflect even heavy artillery fire thanks to the grease on the surface of the feathers, resistance to heat (at least 1000+ degrees), mastery of Hamon energy (100x times for powerful that of Joseph Joestar's)

Destructive Capability: City block level | At least city block level+, likely much higher

Speed: Hypersonic+, FTL reactions and arm movement (blocked an ultraviolet beam from close range after it was fired)

Intelligence: Extremely high, has IQ of 400

Stamina: Vastly superhuman | Effectively limitless

Durability: Large Building level+ | At least city level+ (tanked a volcanic eruption which was stated to be more powerful than any atomic weapon on the planet)

Race: Pillar Man Vampire

Occupation: Pillar Man | Ultimate being

Range: Extended melee range | dozens of meters

Weakness: Ripple energy, turns into stone because of sunlight (but will return to normal when sun is gone) | None, except for overconfidence

Accuracy: Extremely high

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable



Light Mode: By using his body manipulation to turn his bone and veins into rapidly spinning chainsaw-like blades that reflect light. Strong enough to bisect a moving car and can use them with enough speed to slice apart a barrage of armor-piercing machine gun rounds.

Ripple (Ultimate form only): Ripple or Hamon is an energy that can be trained in the body by the use of proper breathing techniques. It's a form of energy that can be used in many different ways, giving user a versatile arsenal. The energy is similar in composition to sunlight, so it is especially effective against vampires and other such creatures.

Evolution (Ultimate Form Only): Can alter his DNA in any way he wishes, from creating man-eating squirrels and sprouting wings to auto-evolving an immunity to fire. Has incredible regenerative abilities, even being able to regenerate from being drowned and disintegrated in lava.

Base form | Ultimate form

Battle History in The Arena:

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