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Cobra, Seven Years Later... Dat fucking coat.

Character Name: Cobra

Universe Name: Fairy Tail

Status in regards to the plot: Villain.

Tier in the series: Mid-Tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super Strength, Speed, Durability, Hearing, The ability to eat poison and other elements to boost himself.

Poison Dragon Slayer Magic is a type of Magic which allows the user to incorporate the element of poison into their body, granting them exclusive traits possessed by a Poison Dragon. The user is capable of freely producing and manipulating poison, manifested in the form of a toxic gas. Such gas seems to be “tangible”, and can thus be used as an effective blunt weapon, inflicting physical damage to foes while at the same time infecting them. The poison produced by Poison Dragon Slayer Magic starts off by slowly stealing the movement from the victims’ body away, before subsequently killing them.

Destructive Capability: Pre-Timeskip - City Block|Post-Timeskip City Block, possibly Multi-City Block.

Speed: Hypersonic, Hypersonic+ reactions. He was capable of easily countering and striking Flight Suit Erza, who is Hypersonic+

Intelligence: Skilled combatant, his hearing also gives him an edge.

Stamina: Very high, was able to fight a dragon after being imprisoned for 7 years.

Durability: Pre-Timeskip - City Block|Post-Timeskip City Block, possibly Multi-City Block.

Race: Human.

Occupation: Mage, Dragon Slayer.

Range: N/A

Weakness: Motion sickness.

Accuracy: N/A

Standard Equipment: Pre-Timeskip - His bitchin' pants; Post-Timeskip - His bitchin' coat.

Noticeable Techniques:


Battle History in The Arena:

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