Remember that ugly duckling? This is what really happen ed to it.

Character Name: Cygus, Tom Dubius, Cygnus
Tom Dubious

Tom's unfused form

Universe Name: MegaMan

Status in regards to the plot: Antagonist, later secondary character

Tier in the series: Low-Mid

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super strength, speed, agility, durability, endurance, flight, can summon duck minions, intangability, can create whirlwinds

Destructive Capability: City Level+

Speed: FTL

Intelligence: Above genius

Stamina: Superhuman

Durability: Mountain Level+

Race: Fusion of the human Tom and FMian Cygnus

Occupation: WAZA, Aaron Boreal's assistant/partner

Range: Extended human melee range

Weakness: None notable, though Tom himself is a bit of a pessimist

Accuracy: Very high

Standard Equipment: None

Noteable Techniques:

  • Wave Change : As with all FM-ians, Cygnus can perform Wave Change with a human host who is compatible with his frequencies.
  • Airshoes and Floatshoes : As Cygnus Wing has the ability of flight, he can stand over holes and harmful panels without suffering their bad effects.
  • Cygnus Feather : Cygnus Wing fires several feathers down the row. In the third game it is now aimed at the player's current position.
  • Dancing Swan : Cygnus Wing twirls around and slides down two of the columns in the battlefield. The attack cannot be blocked. In Black Ace and Red Joker, later forms have him do this twice, moving in a figure-of-8 pattern. In the anime, he can generate small whirlwinds with the force of his spinning.
  • Wataritori : Cygnus Wing summons some of his minions and they travel down the three rows. Only the white one can be damaged, and this attack breaks. In the third game, the appearance of his minions are now randomized.

Other: (external infomation or some note)

Battle History in The Arena:

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