Most of the main cast.

Background Infomartion:

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D.Gray-man (ディー・グレイマン Dī Gureiman?) is an ongoing Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. The series tells the story of a boy named Allen Walker, a member of an organization of Exorcists who makes use of an ancient substance called Innocence to combat the Millennium Earl and his demonic army of akuma. Many characters and their designs were adapted from some of Katsura Hoshino's previous works and drafts, such as Zone, and Continue, and her assistants.

The story is pretty good, the plot twist is great and make many people suprised, the manga just recently change into monthly release due the author can't keep up with the weekly speed.

Standing in The Arena:Edit

- The verse itself is pretty strong due the haxx and Earl being a casual citybuster, although they lack massive scale feat but thanks to the early series show they can do city block bust so it won't be a huge problem.

- The reason why it's still powerful not only stopped at Noah and Black Order but also the massive number of Akuma...especially the like Level 4 Akuma, so they pretty much equal to One Piece, but the possibility Level 5 or higher Akuman might allow it above the like HSTverse.

- The Akuma and Hollow in Bleach have many similarity expect the Hollow got less screentime.

Warning: The author introduced Boys Love/Shounen Ai during the lastest arc (WTF?). still not very clear if its true though. its very vague.