4 words: Badass, cool, epic...oh, and lolicon...too.

Character Name: Daijuuji Kurou (Titus Crow in English)

Universe Name: Demonbane

Status in regards to the plot: Main character

Tier in the series: Low-mid tier (Magius form) / Zero tier (Elder god)

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Former student of Miskatonic University, possess unholy knowledge and about grimoire | Super strengh, super speed, super durability, magic, illusion creation, summoning, flight, elemental control, teleportation | Nigh-omnipotence

Destructive Capability: Street level | Building level+, likely higher | At least multiverse level+ via powerscaling

Speed: Unknown after become Elder God

Intelligence: Possibly omniscient after become Elder God

Stamina: Average human+ | Superhuman+ | Infinite

Durability: Average human | Large building level+ | At least multiverse level+ via powerscaling

Race: God, Elder God

Occupation: Magius - the strongest magician, pilot and university student

Range: Average human | Serveral of meters | Presumbly infinite

Weakness: Money, misfortune | None in the other 2 forms

Accurary: Can strike the enemy perfectly even half dead and strike effectively with minimum use of weapon

Standard Equipment: Various

Other: Base | Magius form | Elder god

Battle History in The Arena: