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Show me another series where the protagonist fights off a hammer with fucking scissors.

The Severing Crime Edge (断裁分離のクライムエッジ Dansai Bunri no Kuraimu Ejji) is a Japanese manga series, written and illustrated by Tatsuhiko Hikagi. An anime television series adaptation by Studio Gokumi premiered on Tokyo MX and other networks on April 4, 2013.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - Opening HD01:29

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - Opening HD

Best version I could find


Haimura Kiri is a seemingly ordinary boy with one slight problem: he is obsessed with cutting other people's hair. One day he meets Mushanokōji Iwai, the "Hair Queen" (髪の女王 Kami no Joō) who cannot cut her hair because of an inherited curse. Kiri finds out that his scissor, "Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge" is the only thing that can cut them. He also finds that he is the decendant of one of the greatest murderers of all time, Norma Grayland, and that those same scissors are what he used for murder, and are a cursed artifact known as "Killing Goods". His meeting with Iwai brings him into a world of "Authors", other decendants of murderers, who use their "Killing Goods" to attempt to kill Iwai so they could have one wish ghrated to them. As he protects Iwai from the other "Authors", his own "Author" blood begins to awaken. This begins the century old murder game to kill the "Queen of Hair". Let the games begin!

Standing and PowersEdit

Relatively weak, though has some hax powers. Rule Book can kill anyone who he believes commited a crime, causing a magic noose to appear aroun their neck, which cannot break unless he doesn't truely believe they commited a crime, Pet Whip who can control minds of whoever she whips, and our lovely badass protagonist Kiri, who can cause augmentation of pain with his scissors. Speed is not very high, with very few above superhuman however, average Author is only wall level, though Gossip members imply there are many more powerful Authors

Character ProfilesEdit


Haimura Kiri

Nakajima Seigi

Shihodo Ruka



Emily Redhands

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