Isn't he a nice guy?

Character name: Dark Schneider

Universe name: Bastard!!

Status In Regards To The Plot: Protagonist/anti hero

Tier in the series: Upper High Tier (Possibly Top Tier)

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, elemental manipulation via magic, can summon various creatures, regeneration on an atomic level (low-godly), Dispel Bound (multiple magical force fields used to ban enemy attacks), telepathy, flight, immortality (type 3), can create black holes, resurrection of the dead, teleportation of himself and others

Destructive Capability: City/Mountain level+, planet level+ with Black Sabbath | Star level+ (He is on Fallen Uriel's level) | Galaxy level+ (the clash between Demolishioner Gun and Gungnir destroyed the Black Abyss of 50 million suns in mass) | Unknown

Speed: FTL+ (speedblitzed Conron and Seraphs couldn't see his attack) | Massively FTL | Relativistic + (99% of light speed) | Unknown, possibly massively FTL+

Intelligence: Genius level

Stamina: Incredibly huge

Durability: Country level+ (pre time skip), at least star level (post time skip) | Multi star system+ | Galaxy level+ | Unknown

Race: Human Artificial Being

Occupation: Wizard, Adam of Darkness

Range: Galaxy level+

Weakness: Using the Judas Pain takes a huge toll on his body and soul

Accurary: Not needed due massive AOE of attacks

Standard Equipment: Efreet Sword, The Judas Pain, Dragon Knight Lucifer (L01)

Other: Base Form | Majin Form | Dragon Knight Lucifer (L01) | Adam of Darkness

Respect thread

Battle History in The Arena:

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