Shiryu in his God Cloth

Character Name: Dragon Shiryu

Universe Name: Saint Seiya

Status in regards to the plot: Protagonist

Tier in the series: Mid Tier with Bronze Cloth, Upper High Tier with God Cloth

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Dimensional travel, telepathy, telekinesis, can hurt non-physical beings, flight/levitation, atom-manipulation, the 7th sense and 8th sense, forcefield, energy blasts,can use his arm like a sharp sword.

Destructive Capability: Atomic destruction on multi star level+ with Bronze Cloth, Multi Galaxy level+ with God Cloth

Speed: Massively FTL+ (travelled a universe-sized area in a few minutes) with Bronze Cloth, much faster with God Cloth

Intelligence: Very High, was trained by Gold Saint Libra Dohko

Stamina: Extremely High (should be on par with Gold Saints who can fight for thousand days)

Durability: Multi star level+ with Bronze Cloth, Multi Galaxy level+ with God Cloth

Race: Human, Saint

Occupation: Bronze Saint, Saint of Athena

Range: At least planetary+ with Bronze Cloth, at least Galaxy+ with God Cloth

Weakness: None notable

Accuracy: Extremely high

Standard Equipment: Dragon Bronze Cloth and shield that can regenerate,can form God Cloth after he raises his Cosmo to maximum



Rozan Sho Ryu ha: raises his Cosmo and strikes with his fists or legs unleashing a powerful attack in the shape of a dragon.

Rozan Hyakuryu Ha: raises his Cosmo to unleash 100 powerful strikes that takes the forum of dragons.

Excalibur: gathers his Cosmo around his arm or legs lunches a sword slash from his arms. Originally Capricorn Gold Saint's technique.

Battle History in The Arena:

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