Like a less crazy Yuno, but with character development

Character Name: Emukae Mukae

Universe Name: Medaka Box

Status in regards to the plot: Antagonist, later supporting protagonist

Tier in the series: Mid

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilites: Super strength, speed, can corrode anything she touches, cannot feel pain

Destructive Capability: Large building level, possibly higher

Speed: Hypersonic 

Intelligence: Above average

Stamina: Fairly high

Durability: Building level+

Race: Human/Minus

Occupation: Student Council Treasurer, Flourist

Range: Several meters

Weakness: Kinda insane, especially for Zenkichi

Accuracy: Fairly accurate with plants

Standard Equipment: 2 Knives

Noteable Techniques:

Weapons Specialist: Emukae has demonstrated to be proficient at wielding a pair of knives in close combat. Interestingly, she holds the knives by the blades rather than the handles, causing the edges to cut into her hands. It can be assumed this is to keep her Minus from rotting them.



Raff-Rafflesia corroding the area around emukae

Raff-Rafflesia (荒廃した腐花, Rafu Rafureshia): Emukae's Minus allows her to corrode and dissolve anything she touches. Though her power only works through her hands, it is powerful enough to corrode anything from concrete to the air around her. Even though she can't turn off her power, she can control it's intensity, area of effect, and other aspects of it. After watching the battle between Shibushi and Naze, her Minus has evolved, allowing her to rot away objects even without touching them. After having her Minus "erased" by Kumagawa's All Fiction, Emukae has gained the ability to control her Minus.

Type Mandragora

Yandere with plant minions. She WILL find you.

Raff-Rafflesia Twisted Version
 (荒廃した腐花 狂い咲きバージョン, Rafu Rafureshia Kuruizaki Bājon): At Kumagawa's instruction during the Treasurer's Battle, Emukae begins channeling her Raff-Rafflessia into the ground, causing the earth to rot beneath her. Doing this creates humus, causing plants to grow rapidly and out of control.
  • Type: Bondage (タイプ 「柵」, Taipu: Shigarami): Emukae creates a solid wall of thick vines.

  • Type: Mandragora (タイプ 「マンドラゴラ」,Taipu: Mandoragora): Emukae creates an army of human-shaped plants to attack for her; these plants can even weild her knives.
  • Type: Thousand Year Cedar (タイプ 「千年杉」, Taipu: Sennen Sugi): Emukae creates a gigantic human-shaped plant that towers over the landscape, even breaking through the roof of the Hakoniwa Academy greenhouse.

Other: Did someone say Yan , Der , E ?

Battle History in The Arena:

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