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Don't **** with card games!

Character Name: Gagamaru Chougasaki, Encounter

Universe Name: Medaka Box

Status in regards to the plot: Antagonist

Tier in the series: Mid

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Can push off physical or mental damage to any person or thing

Destructive Capability: Varies, depends of what he is being hit with.

Speed: Normal human

Intelligence: Fairly high

Stamina: Unlimited (can push off fatigue to other people or things)

Durability: At least multi city block level with Encounter, likely higher (tanked multiple attacks from Hinokage and didn't take any damage)

Race: Human/Minus

Occupation: Unknown

Gagamaru Chougasaki 1

**** you, I'm fabulous!

Range: several meters when pushing off an attack

Weakness: Easy to piss off

Accuracy: Once a location is specified, it will not miss

Standard Equipment: None

Noteable Techniques:

Superhuman Physiology: Chougasaki has displayed great physical strength, effortless breaking one of Kumagawa's arms on one occasion, and crushing Kumagawa's head and a large section of floor on

Tumblr m3f2e1FuMM1rtx3uwo1 r1 500

Gagamaru killing Kumagawa without the use of Encounter

another. Hitomi claims that it is because of his and Shibushi's great power that Kumagawa has been able to launch his plans before the rest of Class -13 arrived at the school.


Encounter (不慮の事故, Enkauntā): Chougasaki's Minus allows him to push away all damage inflicted on him, including all physical, emotional, and mental damage, elsewhere. No matter how fast or numerous the attacks, he will take no damage from any assault. The location is specified by him and can range from structures to other people. Chougasaki claims his Minus cannot be rationalized; even if there is no opening, Encounter will still push any damage away from Chougasaki. Though only seen once, Chougasaki can also create a 


Can't let you do that, StarFox

defensive barrier that stops an opponent's attack in its tracks. Encounter can even push away Chougasaki's own death. Hinokage labels Chougasaki's Encounter as more complete than Medaka's The End and more disgusting than Kumagawa's All Fiction. However, Chougasaki was affected by Shibushi's Scar Dead, the skill that reopens old wounds, suggesting that he has suffered injury at some point in his lifetime.

Other: Serioulsy, don't insult card games, guy flips. It's the reason he killed Kumagawa in the above picture.

Battle History in The Arena:

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