Character Name: Gajeel Redfox

Gets much more character development than Natsu despite being a supporting character.

Universe Name: Fairy Tail

Status in regards to the plot: Main Protagonistkkkk

Tier in the series: Base - Mid-Tier | Iron Shadow Dragon Mode - High-Tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super Strength, Speed, Durability, Smell, The ability to eat metal and other elements to boost himself.

Iron Dragon Slayer Magic: A form of Dragon

Slayer Magic which grants the user characteristics unique to Iron Dragons, allowing them to incorporate the element of iron (and, by extension, of steel into their body, granting them the ability to change parts of their body (or the entirety of it) into iron, which can be shaped in a number of forms for different purposes, and to produce iron objects.

Destructive Capability: City Block - Multi City Block in base | Small City Level with ISD Roar

Speed: Hypersonic | Hypersonic+ (faster than Base Satan Soul)

Intelligence: Skilled combatant, was capable of easily tracking Sting's movements and was capable of fighting on par with a dragon.

Stamina: Very high, was able to fight a dragon a few hours after fighting Shadow Rogue and using ISD mode.

Durability: Pre-Timeskip - City Block|Post-Timeskip City Block, possibly Multi-City Block|Possibly Town Level while in ISD Mode.
Gajeel After Eating Shadow

Your average telemarketer.

Race: Human.

Occupation: Mage, Dragon Slayer.

Range: Dozens of meters with projectiles.

Weakness: Motion sickness.

Accuracy: High

Standard Equipment: N/A

Noticeable Techniques:

Iron Dragon's Roar; Iron Dragon's Lance: Demon Logs; Iron Dragon's Scales; Iron Dragon's Club; Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Karma Demon: Iron God Sword


Neru-Ru, I should slaughter you for this. I mean, really? All of his attacks are based off of Natsu's? Dude, I will hurt you.

Battle History in The Arena:

Notable victories:

-Alphonse(Full Metal Alchemist)

Notable losses:

-Shunsui Kyoraku(Bleach)-was ISD Gajeel.It was decided it was a draw,however with current calcs and speed unequal Gajeel would lose.

-Gai(Naruto)-Failed Spite thread.Was teamed up with Laxus and put up against a team from Naruto,but Gai can solo

-Tsuna and Hibari(KHR)-was teamed up with Natsu

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