One of the few decent characters in Fairy Tail

Character Name:Gildarts Clive 

Universe Name:Fairy Tail

Status in regards to the plot:Supporting character

Tier in the series:Low-Top tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super Strength,speed,durability,can turn living beings and inanimate objects into miniature versions of themselves,his crash magic enhances his already impressive destructive capability.

Destructive Capability:Town level+,possibly higher

Speed:Hypersonic movement speed,hypersonic+ reaction speed 

Intelligence:Skilled combatant,considered by all to be the best mage in the guild

Stamina:Very high by powerscaling

Durability:Town level+.possibly higher



Range:Dozens of meters with Crash Magic 

Weakness:Lost his arm and an unspecified organ to Acnologia


Standard Equipment:Cloak

Noteable Techniques:


Battle History in The Arena:

Notable Victories:

-Hiruzen Sarutobi(Naruto)-spite thread made so that Gildarts would win

Notable Loses:

-Sasuke and Itachi(Naruto)-was teamed up with Laxus.Still got flattened.

-Itachi(Naruto)-Lost despite the other side being heavily nerfed

-Coyote Starrk(Bleach)

Notable ties:

-Minato Namikaze(Naruto)

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