Character Name: Groudon

Universe Name: Pokémon

Race: Continent Pokémon

Gender: Genderless

Occupation: Ruling the land

Status In Regards To The Plot: Forced Antagonist turned Protagonist | Antagonist

Series Tier: High Tier | Top Tier

Powers and Abilities:

Destructive Capability: Small Island Level+ casually, potential life wiper given some time | City Block level+ with standard attacks, Small Country Level with environmental manipulation, Potential Life Wiper with a little time

Range: Several Meters with standard attacks, Several Kilometers+ with weather/environmental effects | Several Meters with standard attacks, 100 kilometers+ with weather/environamental effects

Accuracy: Not really needed

Durability: Small Island Level+ casually, likely higher but needs more feats | Large City - Small Country Level

Stamina: Very High | Extremely High (fought with Kyogre & others nonstop for almost a month without tiring at all)

Weaknesses: Supposedly water, grass, and ice but is on equal footing with Kyogre, a legendary water type | Same as anime. Its underside is also weaker than the rest of its body, but it tanked strong attacks there so it shouldn't be a big deal


Intelligence: Nothing notable | Nothing Notable

Standard Equipment: None | None

Notable Techniques (Anime):

- Weather/Environmental Manipulation: Groudon can clear the area of even the most violent storms and make it exceptionally sunny. It can also cause volcanic activity, such as forming volcanoes or causing nearby ones to erupt.

- Solar Beam: Groudon absorbs sunlight and shoots it at its opponent. This technique is capable of destroying island-wiping tsunamis.

- Mud Shot: Groudon shoots a blast of mud at its opponent. This technique has similar destructive capabilities as Kyogre's hyper beam, which puts it at large building+

- Fissure: Groudon slaps the ground, causing an energy beam to shoot at the opponent, which results in a fissure being created. It causes around large building+ damage.

Notable Techniques (Manga):

- Environmental Manipulation: Groudon's body naturally generates enough heat to cause massive droughts, start fires as it walks, and quickly evaporate large bodies of water.

- Thunder: Groudon can drop a bolt of lighting from the skies onto its opponent. This attack has about building+ destructive capabilities. (It's likely more powerful, but it only had one showing so it was hard to tell)

- Hyper Beam: Groudon shoots a powerful energy beam out of its mouth. It is as strong as Kyogre's.

Other: Respect thread

Battle History in the Arena:

Anime | Adventures

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