Is best girl

Character Name: HarpNote, Sonia Strumm, Lyra

Sonia and Lyra's unfused forms

Universe Name: MegaMan

Status in regards to the plot: Protagonist, lead female, sometimes antagonist

Tier in the series: High Mid

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilites: Super strength, speed, agility, durability, endurance, teleportation, intangability, sound manipulation, can summon amplifiers, ultrasonic hearing,hypnosis immunity

Destructive Capability: Moon Level+, possibly higher

Speed: FTL

Intelligence: Fairly high

Stamina: Superhuman

Durability: Moon Level+, possibly planet level

Race: Fusion of the human Sonia and the FMian Lyra

Occupation: Singer, Satella Police Commando

Range: As far as as her sound travels

Weakness: Geo

Accuracy: Near Perfect

Standard Equipment: Guitar

Noteable Techniques: 

  • Frequency Change: Lyra Note can teleport by changing her wave frequency. She'll do this when she needs to go somewhere faraway in Echo Ridge, like her manager's building, but can't find a Wave Road to take her there.
  • Shock Note: Two speakers appear in the columns where Harp Note is not standing. Harp Note then strums her guitar and the speakers each fire a Shock Note.
  • Machine Gun String: Harp Note lines up with Mega Man and fires strings at him. The strings break, and when they connect, Harp Note proceeds to fire six notes at him whilst he is paralyzed.
  • Pulse Song: Harp Note moves up close and fires a heart-shaped pulse at the player. It pierces Invis and must be blocked, else it will induce a certain status ailment to the player depending on the color of the note.
  • Anti-Hypnosis: Like any Wave Changed human in the series, Harp Note is immune to hypnosis and can only be fully be taken over by the compatible AM/FM-ian.
  • Ultrasonic Hearing: Harp Note can hear and translate waves too high or too low for the normal human or even EM Being to hear. This proved extremely useful navigating the Bermuda Maze.

Other: (external infomation or some note)

Battle History in The Arena:

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