Sword Art Online Vol 01 - 005
Character Name: Heathcliff (online name), Kayaba Akihiko (real life name)

Universe Name: Sword Art Online

Status in regards to the plot: villain, anti hero, support

Tier in the series: top tier

Gender: male

Powers and Abilites: increased strength, speed, reactionspeed, endurence, durability, Full administrative powers ( ie. he can make himself indestructible, increase his speed beyond the systems specs, freeze other players, teleport, summon the most powerful items in the game, trap people in the game etc.)

Destructive Capability: varies. its a light novel based on a mmo so it uses game mechanics.

Speed: supersonic+ including reaction speed. may be higher due to admin powers

Intelligence: high. he created SAO and "the seed" programe and merged his mind with it so he could live in the game.

Stamina: SAO: superhuman. infinet now that he has merged with the game

Durability: varies. its a light novel based on a mmo so it uses game mechanics. he use his admin powers to make himself indestructible

Race: SAO: human. currently an AI

Occupation: Director and Creator of the Nerve Gear and Sword Art Online

Range: melee range

Weakness: none noticable

Accurary: high

Standard Equipment: cross sword and shield which has a built in sheath for it.


sword skills: In game abilities that allows the user to preform high powered, high speed attacks that the player cannot usually preform by just swinging a weapon around.To activate one, the player must take a certain position and the system will move their body to preform the skill. ex. to preform a quick draw strike, one must postition their body in the correct stance with is to hold the scabard and blade by their waste and stand sideways to the target. by takeing the stance, the system recognises the stance and does the rest, this is called "system assist".

He is effectively the god of the series now that he has merged with the programe that links all the games together.

Battle History in The Arena: