Cut & Sew Discipline

Proof you can be a loli AND a MILF at the same time.

Character Name: Hitoyoshi Hitomi, Mother's Task

Universe Name: Medaka Box

Status in regards to the plot: Protagonist, Protagonist's mother

Tier in the series: Mid

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilites: Super speed, strength, durability, can do anything a mother should at extreme lengths, trained doctor

Destructive Capability: Building Level+, likely higher

Speed: Hypesonic+ (sewed Medaka's clothes before she could react, fought on par with Kumagawa )

Intelligence: Extremely high,

Stamina: Very high

Durability: Large Building Level+, likely higher

Race: Human/Abnormal

Occupation: Doctor, Mother

Range: Human Melee range

Weakness: None

Accuracy: Very high

Standard Equipment: Gardning schears, sewing equipment

Noteable Techniques: 
Hitomi's chainsaw

Because a mother's tasks are not complete without a chainsaw.

Combat Expert: Despite her appearance, Hitomi is a master of Savate, and is adept at fighting with surgical tools, capable of holding her own even against Kumagawa. She can throw marking pins with great accuracy, spit needles out of her mouth, and hold her breath for extended periods of time due to the Lamaze method.

  • Cut and Sew Discipline (切ったり縫ったりは専門分野, Kittari Nuttari ha Senmonbunya): As a former psychosomatic surgeon, Hitomi possesses a great mastery of sewing, and has even developed a fighting style using her sewing skills. Her talent is so great, she was able to alter Medaka's uniform before the younger woman could even react.
  • Combat Suture Moves "Basting" 6th Move, "Crucification" (縫合格闘技 「狩縫」 六の技 「針漬」,Hougou Kakutougi "Karinui" Roku no Waza "Haritsuke"): Hitomi can utilize her mastery of needles and thread to tie an opponent down in a speedy manner to seal their movements, and is even capable of sewing into concrete.


Garden Guardian

Loli mom to the rescue!

Gardening Guardian (庭弄りの守護神, Gādeningu Gādeian): Using a pair of pruning shears concealed in her ribbon, Hitomi can quickly cut up all manner of plant life surrounding her.Mother's Task (お母さんのたしなみ, Mazāzu Tasuku): Though the exact details are unknown, Hitomi's Abnormality seems to pertain to the knowledge on how to perform motherly tasks or general methods of ensuring that one's family is well cared for. As a mother, Hitomi is skilled at gardening, cooking, and cleaning.

  • Gardening Guardian Slaughter Version (庭弄りの守護神 伐採版,Gādeningu Gādeian Nadekiri Han): Foregoing her pruning shears, Hitomi instead uses a pair of cleavers to cut up plants. In extreme cases, she takes this one step further and wields a giant chainsaw.

Other: Zenkichi's mom

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One might question how that's possible

Battle History in The Arena:

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