Itachi wants YOU!!!To stop being a fanboy

Character Name: Itachi Uchiha

Universe Name: Naruto

Status in regards to the plot: Villain (Former), revealed to be a good guy.

Tier in the series: High tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: super speed, master strategist, master in genjutsu, can create exploding clones, can summon crows, can seal an opponent via Totsuka Sword, has Yata Mirror which can deflect anything.

Destructive Capability: City Block with Gokakyu, Small City with Amaterasu

Speed: Massively Hypersonic(Mach 40+)

Intelligence: Is one of the smartest in his series,was able to fake his battle with Sasuke without the latter noticing. Deceived almost everyone.

Stamina: Low due to his sickness and poor health.

Durability: Building level+, Higher with Yata Mirror which can deflect anything and with his Susano'o.

Race: Human

Occupation: Akatsuki (Former)

Range: Regular Human range, Dozens of meters with projectiles,hundreds of meters with Yasaka Magatama. Became blind just prior to his death due to overuse of Mangekyo Sharingan.

Weakness: His health. Usage of Mangekyo Sharingan drain him greatly, it should be noted however that he was still able to utiilze many jutsus and make judicious use of Amaterasu before he had to pull out Susano'o.

Accuracy: Accurate and Precise due to Sharingan.

Standard Equipment: Standard ninja tools



Itachi's full Susanoo

-Susanoo. A giant humanoid created around the user that increases defense but lowers speed.

-Amaterasu. A black flame that burns anything the user is looking at. Its resistant to water,and will burn continuously for seven days and seven nights.

-Tsukuyomi. An illusion casted upon the enemy that makes them experience mental torture.The limit of this jutsu is sending the victim into 72 hours of torture.

Battle History in The Arena:

Notable Victories:

-Fairy Tail verse-Was teamed up with Nagato

-Straw Hats(One Piece)-was teamed up with the rest of the Akatsuki members,he needs no assistance however

-Gin Ichimaru(Bleach)

-Erza Scarlet(Fairy Tail)


-Gildarts (Fairy Tail) Note: Itachi shit on Gildarts despite being heavily nerfed.

-Midnight(Fairy Tail) - obvious win

-Freed(Fairy Tail) - obvious win

-Gildarts and Laxus(Fairy Tail)-was teamed up with Sasuke,he needs no assistance however.

Notable Losses

-Tousen, Aizen, and Barragan(Bleach) - just as planned

-Professor Xavier(Marvel) - obvious stomp

-Kizaru(One Piece) - Too Fast

-Goku(Dragon Ball) - obvious stomp

-Superman(DC) - obvious stomp

-Magneto(Marvel) - NOPE

-Lucy(Elfen Lied) - stomp even with current calcs and feats

-Sieghart(Rave Master)

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