Kotobuki's Red Carpet

She can sing to me any time.

Character Name: Joutou Kotobuki

Universe Name: Medaka Box

Status in regards to the plot: Antagonist

Tier in the series: Mid

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilites: Super speed, durability, able to reverse age of anyone in range of her voice

Destructive Capability: Large Building Level+ (possibly city block level via powerscaling)

Speed: Hypersonic+

Intelligence: Extremely high

Stamina: Superhuman

Durability: Large Building+ (possibly city block level via power scaling)

Race: Human/Style User

Occupation: Kurokami Group, Fukurou's personal nurse

Range: As far as her voice can be heard, normal fire arm range

Weakness: Has to continue to sing to
Kotobuki's tattoo

Joutou's Style tattoo

keep ages reversed. Will last a few minutes after stopping.

Accuracy: Fairly high

Standard Equipment: Sub maching gun

Noteable Techniques:
BOX173 Joutou usando su Estilo

Emmm, dose lungs.

Nursery Rhyme User (童謡使い, Douyou Tsukai): Kotobuki's style allows her to manipulate nursery rhymes. As Kotobuki sings, those within a certain rangestart to revert to a younger form. As they get closer to Kotobuki, the target progressively gets younger and younger. This does not only affect their size, but reverts them to their style of dress and items that were on their person at the time. If the target is wounded, the de-aging will remove their wounds as well, as they did not have them at the time. The victim's age does not decrease in a linear fashion; instead, the target's age is reversed geometrically. Kotobuki's lullaby works on an infrasonic sound level, and can therefore affect her targets even if they cannot hear anything. As Kotobuki increases the volume of her song, the range at which the listeners will be unaffected shrinks. However, there does seem to be a limit on the style's effects; once reduced to infants, the victims will not grow any younger. With her style, Kotobuki can even bring the dead back to life. Kotobuki's lullaby can even be transferred through devices such as a cell phone, ignoring the laws of physics. Because it is centered around song however, Kotobuki cannot utilize her style if she cannot sing, for such reasons as her throat being too dry. Kotobuki's version changes the lyrics of the original Edo Lullaby; Kotobuki's version changes the lyrics of the original Edo Lullaby; Kotobuki calls her song the "Little Kid Loli-by" (子ロリ歌, Kororiuta). If Kotobuki is knocked out, the effects of her lullaby will wear off.

  • Kotobuki and her victims

    I don't care what weird stuff you're into, I'll do it.

    Red Carpet
     (幼稚赤掛け, Reddo Kāpetto): Kotobuki ties her victims (once they have been reduced to babies) to her body in order to form armor. While the babies themselves do not provide much physical protection, they do make the opponent reluctant to attack for fear of harming the children.

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Battle History in The Arena:

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