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Fsjal fits Fan fine.

One of the more resonable MF debaters around,JustFan,or Fan for short,is a person,or so we like to believe that enjoys debating here on Manga Fox.Fan also answers to Fanny-tan,a term coined by ☆-Jεℓℓαℓ-☆- .

He has been around the arena since all the way back in 2013.A true veteran of the arts.

All around a good debater,doesnt wank and knows when to quit.Fanny-tan is well versed with these verses:

- Mahou Sensei Negima (Or Magi for short)
- Tenchi Muyo! (Not that anyone uses it)
- Avatarverse (Didnt stop him from making a rape thread
- Tsukihime
- Forgotten Kingdoms and LOTR to an extent
- One Piece
- Fairy Tail (Not as good as Neruc...or RH huehuehuehue)  
- DBZ (Never really debates it however)          

Can generally debate well for any series however if you give him enough info on it.           

Now for some pointless trivia.

Doesnt care about his avatar.Is a supporter of Ghost Nappa in his conquest of Mr.Popo's stool.

Recently had to take over Neruc's job at fighting FT wank.Gave up after 3 hours. - oh no bitch, I am the one who assigned this job to you. And I even wrote an official protest on why the heck did you leave your job and was just chilling in "Character vs Character" section, while I had to argue the properties of blitzes with RH @Fan

Is in a relationship with Black Daryl.One sided it seems as of late.

Also is a glass canon in debating unless bloodlusted.

Xam: Good debater, even with limited knowledge of verse he does rather good with remembering the small details. Causes me to run the other way with his Xi-1 tier word walls. Has unbiased opinions on multiple verses, going as far as to debate for FT against a raging Neru-ru. Great all around debater, not much else to say.

Sausy: Considerably less of an asshole than some people.

Neruc: Recently discovered to have a thing for women.

Needless to say,this came of as a schock to many

Xam: Fanny-tan has Battle Scars that I like to exploit for amusement.

Battle History in the Arena

Notable Victories:

Notable Loses:

FT Raditz (Fairy Tail ) - it was just Fan's face though.

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