Kanzaki got Fodderized. WRRRYYYYY????

Character Name: Kanzaki Kaori

Epithet: Salvare000

Universe Name: To Aru Majutsu no Index

Status in regards to the plot: Secondary Character, Protagonist, Ex-Antagonist

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Magic, Super Strength/Speed/Agility/Durability/Endurance, Skilled Swordsman

Destructive Capability: City Block Level+

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Mach 9 at the slowest)

Intelligence: High

Stamina: Superhuman. Is a Saint and has gotten up repeatedly after being beaten down.

Durability: Large Building Level at the minimum.

Race: Human

Occupation: Mage of the Anglican Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Amakusa Style Remix Church.

Range: Several Hundred Meters,

Weakness: Nothing Notable.

Accurary: High

Standard Equipment: Shichiten Shichou, her sword. and Steel Wires.

Other: N/A


Nanasen: This is her main starting attack in which she uses seven steel wires. Kanzaki has shown to be able to "split" the wires into the thousands so she can cut the enemy. The wires have been shown to be able to cut through solid steel.

Yuisen: Kanzaki charges her sword with magic allowing her to go toe to toe with stronger foes.

Meisen: Kanzaki does multiple spell casting, by utilizing Nanasen Kanzaki can form magic arrays. Kanzaki can overwhelm the enemy by using her wires, her magic and her own attacks.

Anti-Impact: Kanzaki uses this magic so most magic is deflected from her body.

Forge Magic: The magic makes her sword much better as time passes, adding layers of reinforcement to boost the sharpness and strength.

Body Enhancement: A Group spell where the Amakusas tap Kanzaki's back in a complex arrangement, this helps Kanzaki recover or just get stronger. This greatly amps Kanzaki's stats.

Healing: Heals herself and others.

Transfer Defensive Magic: Kanzaki transfers damage from her body to her clothes.

Opila Rune: Removes people from an area and also only allows selected targets to enter.

Battle History in The Arena:

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