Character Name: Kihara Amata

PIS at it's finest.

Universe: To Aru Majutsu no Index

Epithet: N/A

Status in regards to the plot: One Time Antagonist

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super Durability/Agility/Reflexes

Destructive Capability: Wall Level

Speed: Peak to Superhuman

Intelligence: Genius, was the scientist who helped Accelerator get his powers, then went through Military training to become leader of Hound dog.

Stamina: Peak Human

Durability: Peak to Superhuman

Race: Human

Occupation: Being Dead

Range: Melee, extended Melee with weapons

Weakness: Is a normal if strong human.

Accurary: High Medium.

Standard Equipment: Machine Guns, Shotguns, Grenades, Anti-Tank Missile Launcher, heightened sense of smell.

Notable Techniques: N/A

Other: Amata is a great marksman.

Battle History in The Arena:

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