Most of the Protagonists and Antagonists from the first half of the released series.

Kingdom Hearts is a video game franchise that is spread out over 8 released games and 1 announced but yet unreleased game.

The game franchise is made by the joining of Sqaure Enix and Disney, often described as Final Fantasy meets Disney.

The series has spawned 3 different mangas, with the same name as the games they are based on, the Mangas take a much lighter tone and aren't as focused on the action of the series.

The series overall is a pretty good one, with a good if overly complicated plot and satisfying gameplay. 

Story SynopsisEdit

Light and darkness and twilight and keyblades and fruity hair cuts and heartless and nobodies and hoopla.

Seriously speaking, the story starts when creatures called heartless start appearing for an unknown reason. They start devouring peoples hearts and turning them into heartless and eventually they get to the hearts of the world and devour that, effectively destroying the world.

The heartless appear on our heroes world and he gets the Keyblade, after which his world is effectively destroyed and he ends up in a cross roads world. There he learns that the Keyblade is the only weapon that can actually vanquish the heartless and he goes world hopping saving the worlds from the heartless while looking for his two friends thart went missing went his world ended. That constitutes the first game.

Then the storyline diverges and gets increasingly complicated. We find out theres clones, memories and prequels and a whole lotta stuff. Seeing as I don't want to go on for pages, I'll end it here.


As a verse they are pretty strong. With Sora being able to solo the HST and also Toriko with judicious use of Time stop hax. They also have good strength, durability and speed feats. Overall a decently powerful verse. They got an upgrade recently in KH:3D, which elevated a lot of the characters from Skyscaper busers to small Island busting. They also have a lot of strong fodder characters.


Warriors of LightEdit

- Sora

- Riku

- Mickey

- Roxas

- Lea

- Xion

- Master Eraqus

- Terra

- Aqua

- Ventus

All Dem XehanortsEdit

- Ansem, The Seeker of Darkness

- Xemnas

- Young Xehanort

- Master Xehanort

- Vanitas

- Xigbar

- Saix

Organization 13Edit

- Xaldin

- Vexen

- Lexaeus

- Zexion

- Demyx

- Luxord

- Marluxia

- Larxene

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