Character Name: Kyogre

Universe Name: Pokémon

Race: Sea Basin Pokémon

Gender: Genderless

Occupation: Ruling the seas

Status In Regards To The Plot: Forced Antagonist turned Protagonist | Antagonist

Series Tier: High Tier | Top Tier

Powers and Abilities: Weather/ Environmental Manipulation, Limited Flight/ Levitation, Energy/ Water Blasts | Weather/ Environmental Manipulation, Energy/ Water Blasts

Destructive Capability: Small Island Level+ casually, potential life wiper given some time | City Block level+ with standard attacks, Small Country Level with environmental manipulation, Potential Life Wiper with a little time

Range: Several Meters with standard attacks, Several Kilometers+ with weather/environmental effects | Several Meters with standard attacks, 100 kilometers+ with weather/environamental effects

Accuracy: Not really needed

Durability: Small Island Level+ casually, likely higher but needs more feats | Large City - Small Country Level

Stamina: Very High | Extremely High (fought with Groudon & others nonstop for almost a month without tiring at all)

Weaknesses: Supposedly water and electric, but has tanked strong versions of both | Same as anime. Its underside is also weaker than the rest of its body, but it tanked strong electric attacks there so it's obviously not a big deal


Intelligence: Nothing notable | Nothing Notable

Standard Equipment: None | None

Notable Techniques (Anime):

- Limited Flight & Levitation: It often flies/hovers above the water to attackand has been shown staying there for extended periods of time.

- Weather/Environmental Manipulation: Kyogre can create violent thunderstorms, tornadoes, whirlpools, and tsunamis. This in turn can lead to massive flash floods that are capable of eventually raising the sea level.

- Thunder: As long as Kyogre's storm is in effect, it can use thunder to strike its opponent with lightning from the sky.

- Hyper Beam: Kyogre shoots a large beam of energy from its mouth, causing large building+ damage.

- Hydro Pump: Kyogre shoots a large stream of water at its opponent. It's likely that this technique has similar destructive capabilities as Kyogre's hyper beam.

Notable Techniques (Manga):

- Environmental Manipulation: Just by moving, Kyogre can create large floods and tsunamis. It also naturally creates large rainstorms wherever it goes.

- Meditate: This technique greatly raises Kyogre's special defense. It should not be confused with the video game move of the same name since they have different effects.

- Hydro Pump: Kyogre shoots a large stream of water at its opponent.

- Hyper Beam: Groudon shoots a powerful energy beam out of its mouth. It likely does similar damage to hydro pump.

Other: Respect thread

Battle History in the Arena:

Anime | Adventures

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