Used to be cool.Then Nakama happened

Character Name:Laxus Dreyar

Universe Name:Fairy Tail

Status in regards to the plot:Supporting character

Tier in the series:High tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super Strength,speed,durability,smell,hearing,lightning manipulation,the ability to eat lightning to heal and boost himself

Destructive Capability:Town level+,likely City level with Fairy Law


Intelligence:Skilled combatant,made a plan to take over his guild and almost succeded,one of the best mages in his guild

Stamina:Very high,was able to fight Natsu and Gajeel and still cast Fairy Law afterwards

Durability:Town level+


Occupation:Mage,Dragon Slayer

Range:Dozens of meters

Weakness:Motion sickness.his lightning can be redirected by metals


Standard Equipment:Headphones

Noteable Techniques:

Fairy Law:Magic that targets all that the user sees as enemies and eliminates them.Only those the user sees as allies or neutral will remain unscathed.The choice between friend or foe is decided by the user’s spirit,and he cannot lie to this magic.


Battle History in The Arena:

Notable Victories:

-Killua and Lavi(HunterxHunter and D-GrayMan)-It was a free for all,but Laxus can solo

-Pride,Greed and Edward(Full Metal Alchemist)-was teamed up with Gajeel.Laxus however can solo

Notable Loses:

-Fourth Raikage(Naruto)

-Sasuke and Itachi(Naruto)-was teamed up with Gildartz.Still got flattened.


-Father(Full Metal Alchemist)

-Gai(Naruto)-Failed Spite thread.Was teamed up with Gajeel and put up against a team from Naruto,but Gai can solo

-Kazuki Muto(Bosou Rekin)

Notable ties:

-Masrur(Magi)-depends on the conditions,which the op didn't specify

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