Character Name: Leafa (online name), Kirigaya Sug

ALO avatar Lyfa

uha (real name)

Universe Name: Sword Art Online

Status in regards to the plot: main character in ALO arc, Support character in other arcs.

Tier in the series: Unknown, but at least pretty high level. Known as one of the fastest fairy from Sylph race.

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilites: inhanced reaction speed, strength, speed, durability, regeneration, able to detect hiden and invisible opponents, flight (ALO ingame feature only), healing and attacking spell (ALO ingame feature only).

Destructive Capability: hard to measure since the verse is a virtual reality game, it uses game mechanics and a high percentage of the environment in the game is indestructable.

Speed: supersonic + atleast. Able to compete with Kirito in "across the ALO" race

Intelligence: Unknown.

Stamina: Unknown but it's probably above peak human lvl due to ingame stat boosts (ALO), pretty high in RL as she's a national level kendo-ka.

Durability: Hard to measure since the verse is a virtual reality game, it uses game mechanic

Race: Human in real life, Sylph Elfling in ALO.

Occupation: students and kendo practitioner in RL.

Range: mid to long range with magic spell in ALO, close range with katana.

Weakness: In ALO there was a time limit for how long you could fly, that limit has been removed. Lower durability than most other high lvl payers due to the fact that he focuses on speed and attack.

Accuracy: high sword accuracy.

Standard Equipment: ALO: A long sword and healing potions. RL: shinai (bamboo sword used in kendo).


sword skills: In game abilities that allows the user to preform high powered, high speed attacks that the player cannot usually preform by just swinging a weapon around.To activate one, the player must take a certain position and the system will move their body to preform the skill. ex. to preform a quick draw strike, one must postition their body in the correct stance with is to hold the scabard and blade by their waste and stand sideways to the target. by takeing the stance, the system recognises the stance and does the rest, this is called "system assist".

story info: warning, spoilers

Kazuto's sister in the real world, she is 15 years old and in her third year of junior high, as well as a member of the Kendo club. She's a diligent worker and has been practicing Kendo for 8 years. She first make’s her appearing in fairy dance as Lyfa a Sylph race fairy in Alfheim. She leads Kirito around the world of Alfheim and falls in love with him in the real world she slowly gets closer to her brother (actually a cousin) but because their family and because he already got a girl friend she decides to give up on him and fall in love with Kirito instead. Because of that she is very shocked when she finds out their the same person.