FotoFlexer Photo

The first ever created, Rin Kokonoe in Kratos outfit was symbol of Lolicism. This pic was made by me during in an eventful dream 2 years ago. Since then, this pic is the pride and soul of being a Lolicist in Lolicism. And also the huge impact to anyone who sees this pic wrap around me.

A cross style between Lolicon and Nazism. And for those who are member of Lolicism are called Lolicist.

Lolicist are "people" who are in very much dedicated to lolicon without damaging or violate the naturals of cute little girls or in case like Taiga Aisaka of Tora Dora series.

Lolicon should be loved and cared like we care for our little sister (If you have one) like a touch from a rose petals or even our material things (Gadgets, anime toy figurines, cards, etc.) like a smooth and scratch resistant things, but we should not abuse them because of our "Animalistic" instinct when it comes to a mature related materials. Little girls are natural and should not be abused in the form of lust that is just a mere tool for their personal pleasure.

And one more thing, you don't have to be a lolicon to be one. For as long as you like kawaii-ness of the little girls. Again without abuse or damage them of course.