Master Xehanort

How did the Eraqus not see the Evil written all over this guy.

Character Name: Xehanort(Young)

Status in regards to the plot: Primary Character, Antagonist

Universe: Kingdom Hearts

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super Strength/Speed/Durability/Agility, Flight, Rock/Ice/Lightning/Darkness Manipulation, Flight, can create solid afterimages, can reverse time and stop it for level minutes.

Destructive Capability: Small sland Level+(Not damage stacked via time stop DC) / Higher

Speed: Massively Hypersonic / MHS+

Intelligence: Highest in the series. Was the mastermind behind the events that started the whole plot, which included cross time hoopla. Manipulated nearly every character in the series into doing exactly what he wanted. Barring that he is also a master level Keyblade wielder with several decades of experience, his skill is so enormous that Yen Sid confirmed that in his prime he was the most powerful keyblade wielder.

Stamina: Low due to Age / Superhuman

Durability:  Town Level, likely Higher / Island Level+

Race: Human

Occupation: Member of True Organization 13, Keyblade Master

Range: Melee range with Keyblade, Hundreds of Meters with Magic

Weakness: Low Stamina in old body, nothing notable as Terranort

Accurary: Medium / High

Standard Equipment: Keyblade

Xehanort Armor

Xehanort in his Armor

Notable Techniques: 

Several of the Basic Magic spells 

Dark Impulse: A series of attacks that use darkness and demonic powers to do attack the enemy.

Overshadowing: Xehanort stabs himself in the chest, and guides his heart to the opponent’s body, where if their will isn’t strong enough, he will completely take over their body, stacking his power on top of theirs. This technique is a suicide move if it misses. In DDD though, he is now  able to use a portion of his heart to perform this technique as opposed to the whole thing.

Dark Orbs: Xehanort sends one, where it expands, causing everything around it to be sucked in and destroyed.

Curaga: Heals Xehanort.

Meteor: Xehanort summons several huge rocks that home onto the target and explode on contact. Requires  charge time.

Other: Base / Terranort

History in the Battle Arena: 

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