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More hax than the HST combined

Medaka Box is a Japanese shōnen manga written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Akira Akatsuki. The series follows the student council, originally Medaka Kurokami and Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, during their various adventures to honor suggestions, presented by academy members, in order to better the academy. (Way more epic than it sounds)


You ever wonder what would happen if you Student Council president decided to take on any request from any student at any time? It's just as chaotic as you'd think. Now add in some hax ass powers, a few people who could give Gil a run for his money on arrogance, the most powerful company in the world, oh and of course a star busting alein, and you get about 50% of Medaka Box.

Standing and PowersEdit

It is a very powerful verse, though rather low on physical strength, most characters topping at building level, with high tiers reaching multi-city block level damage. But what it loses in strength, it makes up for in hax. You have people like Kumagawa who can erase pretty much anything he feels like from existance, Oudo who can control people and machines with electric currents, Shibushi who can open any healed wound, physical or mental, Gagamaru who can push off attacks, again both physical and mental, Medaka who can copy all of these and more, and let's not forget our residant star busting omnipresent alien. And Style Users are a whole other story.

Speed is not a problem since anyone worth using in battle is above hypersonic. There are mentions of Hinokage being light speed, but that's probably hyperbole, though he is the top tier for speed in the verse (not counting Ashin'in-san)

It should be noted that there are many many characters who are below even peak human, but they're shown for a total of 5 pages, so who even remembers them, let alone would use them. 

Is easily above the HST, as most if not all top tiers can solo it.

Character Profiles Edit

Student CouncilEdit

Kurokami Medaka

Kumagawa Misogi

Akune Kouki

Mogana Kikaijima

Hitoyoshi Zenkichi

Kuudou Hinokage

13 PartyEdit

Unzen Myouri

Oudo Miyakonojou

Yukuhashi Mizou

Shigusa Takachiho

Munakata Kei

Itami Koga

Naze Youka

Class Minus 13Edit

Gagamaru Chougasaki

Shibuki Shibushi

Shiranui Hansode

Emukae Mukae

Not EqualEdit

Ajimu Najimi

Shiranui Hanten

Style UsersEdit

Tsurubami Kamome

Nienami Namanie

Mogura Kugurugi

Sui Kanaino

Momo Momozono

Joutou Kotobuki

Kakegae Yuzuriha

Tsurubami Fukurou


Kurokami Maguro

Hitoyoshi Hitomi

Nabeshima Nekomi

Unzen Myouga

Shishime Iihiko

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