Mirajane ensamble 3 by bremm ruarte-d5qnvwx

Generic bland fan service girl number #355464

Character Name:Mirajane Straus

Universe Name:Fairy Tail

Status in regards to the plot:Supporting character

Tier in the series:High tier

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilites: Super Strength,speed,durability,using "Satan Soul" Take Over Mirajane gains the appearance and the abilities of a demonic being,like flight and darkness magic,immunity to poison.

Destructive Capability:At least multi city block,likely town level


Intelligence:Skilled combatant, Mirajane is regarded as one of the strongest mages in the entire guild

Stamina:High by powerscaling

Durability:At least Multi city block level,likely town level



Range:Dozens of meters with projectiles

Weakness:Using the "Satan Soul" Take Over spell is extremely exhausting


Standard Equipment:Nothing Notable

Noteable Techniques:


Battle History in The Arena:

Notable victories




Notable losses

-Erza(Fairy Tail)-Done multiple times.Erza wins due to feats

-Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic X)

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