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Neru-Ru's current avatar.

Neruc(Neru-Ru) joined in July 2012, but never actually made his presence known until sometime in 2013(I don't know the exact month so fuck off.) He's a top tier bro and the leader of the Anti-FT brigade, with me as his right hand man, and general combatant of RHism - The unnatural like and wank of FT. His position as leader is currently under question due to the fact he debated for FT against me in what was clearly a joke match-up.

He's a known supporter of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, with Cars being his favorite character(I think). He's also a fan of MLP, something he has no shame in admitting so props to him for liking what he likes and not giving a fuck about what others would think at first glance.

He likes Hollywood Undead so he's obviously a Top Tier Bro and I think highly of him for his like of my favorite band.

He has recently become nakama of RH, so we'll see how that plays out.

Law(Yeah, Law told me what to add because he's a lazy fuck who doesn't want to make an account.):

- A good Bro. Joined a last year but didn't become active until recently .

- Worships Flutter for being a mutual pony lover.

- Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy

Xam: Is a bro, gaves off the aura of being a rather veteran debater from the first posts of his that I saw in the Arena. This was apparently due to him coming from debating on YouTube. This has led me to question just how sane he really is.

Is a fan of quality such as JJBA and Hollywood Undead as well as some other shits. Shares Wryyyy and Neigh with me because Broship is Magic and being Bro's means sharing.

Also reads Fanfics like me so there's another point. Top Tier Bro, Great Debater and all around cool guy.

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