The last thing you will ever see.

  Character Name: Onoki,Sandaime Tsuchikage

Universe Name: Naruto

Status in regards to the plot: Supporting character

Tier in the series: Mid High Tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super strength,speed,durability,weight manipulation(was able to lighten an island an a huge meteor to the point where he could carry them),can increase his own weight,can turn those who touch him into stone,Earth based jutsu,can create golems for defense,can fly and grant flight to others,atomic destruction via Jinton

Destructive Capability: City level with regular Jinton,island level with Giant Jinton(His Jinton is also capable of molecular deconstruction)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic reaction and attack speed,hypersonic+ movement speed 

Intelligence: Skilled combatant and leader with decades worth of experience.

Stamina: Rather low due to old age and his back problems

Durability: City block level+(Survived Madara's meteor,however there where many factors that reduced the damage taken)

Race: Human

Occupation: Tsuchikage,Ninja

Range: Dozens of meters

Weakness: His old age limits his stamina severely compared to his prime. His back problems prevent him from abusing his weight alteration jutsu too much in combat

Accuracy: High

Standard Equipment: None notable


Battle History in The Arena:

Notable victories:

-Grimoire Heart(Fairy Tail)-He was teamed up with the other Kages,but he can solo

Notable losses:

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