463px-Ikki god half

Ikki in his God Cloth

Character Name: Phoenix Ikki

Universe Name: Saint Seiya

Status in regards to the plot: Protagonist

Tier in the series: Mid Tier with Bronze Cloth, Upper High Tier with God Cloth

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Telepathy, telekinesis, dimensional travel, can easily escape from dimensions, has the 7th and 8th sense which gives him the ability to move at the speed of light and the ability to resurrect, can resurrect very quickly usually in seconds and comes back stronger faster and more powerful then before, regeneration, atom manipulation, immortality (type 3 and 4), flight/levitation, can reform the atoms in his body, his cloth can reform even if it's destroyed.

Destructive Capability: Atomic destruction on multi star level+ with Bronze Cloth, Multi Galaxy level+ up to Universal with God Cloth

Speed: Massively FTL+ (travelled a universe-sized area in a few minutes) with Bronze Cloth, much faster with God Cloth

Intelligence: High

Stamina: Extremely High (should be on par with Gold Saints who can fight for thousand days)

Durability: Multi star level+ with Bronze Cloth, Multi Galaxy level+ with God Cloth

Race: Human, Saint

Occupation: Bronze Saint, Saint of Athena

Range: At least planetary+ with Bronze Cloth, at least Galaxy+ with God Cloth

Weakness: None notable

Accuracy: Extremely high

Standard Equipment: The Phoenix Bronze Cloth that can regenerate, can form God Cloth after he raises his Cosmo to maximum



Hoo Genma Ken: attacks his enemy's mind and soul with illusions which can kill him if Ikki wishes it to.

Houyoku Tensho: Ikki gathers forces of wind and heat and unleashes them in a single point or in a large area like a whirlwind.

Battle History in The Arena:

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