The most manly character in the series

Character Name: Pisces Aphrodite

Universe Name: Saint Seiya

Status in regards to the plot: Support

Tier in the series: Mid Tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Telepathy, telekinesis, can attack non-physical beings, can create and control his special demon rose, can heal and shield himself in his rose garden, atom manipulation, immune to poison, dimensional travel, can create a mist to hide his location, can create vines to protect himself others and attack his enemy, can manipulate and absorb light to increase his attack power, flight/levitation, 7th sense, forcefields

Destructive Capability: Atomic destruction on multi solar up to galactic level (his rose can pierce Gold Cloth)

Speed: Massively FTL+

Intelligence: Very High

Stamina: Extremely High (Gold Saints can fight for a thousand days)

Durability: Multi star level+ with Gold Cloth

Race: Human, Saint

Occupation: Gold Saint, Saint of Athena

Range: At least planetary+/dimensional

Weakness: None notable

Accuracy: Extremely High

Standard Equipment: Pisces Gold Cloth that can regenerate and absorb light/Pisces Surplice that lets you walk freely between the world of the living and the dead thus making anyone with a Surplice immune to soul based attacks



Royal Demon Rose: shoots a red rose. If it hits the enemy or the enemy smells the rose, it takes away enemy's 5 senses one by one and he dies.

Piranian Rose: materializes black roses that, when thrown, shred people and armors to pieces nigh-instantly. They're durable enough for one to tank and stop on its tracks a giant mace swing from a Giant God as well as Shun's Thunder Wave attack, when holding it in his hand.

Bloody Rose: a white rose that targets the heart. When the rose strikes the heart it sucks the blood from it, if the rose turns fully red the enemy dies (this rose can easily go through armor and it's difficult to evade)

Red Mist: casts a mist which hides his location.

Athena Exclamation: an attack that equals to the power of the Big Bang on a lesser scale, only three Gold Saints together can perform this technique.

Battle History in The Arena:

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