Saint Seiya5

He has a very self-explanatory name. Why? Because Julian Solo solos.

Character Name: Poseidon/Julian Solo

Universe Name: Saint Seiya

Status in regards to the plot: Main villian

Tier in the series: Top Tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Possesses Divine Cosmo (Big Will), telepathy (he cursed a woman into falling in love with a bull he had sent from the seas to her husband, from which union she gave birth to the Minotaur), telekinesis (Poseidon's telekinetic abilities were powerful enough to smash Bronze Cloths with a golden hue, making them in turn similar in durability to a Gold Cloth, he was able to easily redirect the Sagittarius arrow shot by Pegasus Seiya as well as all his Pegasus Ryûsei Ken attacks, in order to save the world from Hades' tyrannical rule Poseidon sent the Gold Cloths through the interdimensional expansion between the Underworld and the Elysion), energy blasts, forcefields, levitation/flight, higher senses to track people and events over large distances and through dimensions, dimensional travel, astral projection, soul manipulation (demonstrated the ability to transfer his own soul into Julian Solo's body despite being sealed away in the Amphora), commands the waters and rains, and can make them obey his every whim (Poseidon attempted to flood the Earth with these powers - along with global earthquakes - to cleanse humans of sin and would have accomplished it if his plans weren't messed with, in The Lost Canvas he could materialize his armor and trident from them), immortality (mix of types 1, 3 and 4, he reincarnates in Earth through the centuries with 8th sense resurrection capabilities)

Destructive Capability: Atomic destruction on Universal level via powerscaling (fought against Titans in the past)

Speed: Massively FTL+

Intelligence: Very High

Stamina: Nigh-infinite

Durability: At least multi Galaxy level+ with Marine Scales, Universe level with Kamui via powerscaling

Race: God

Occupation: Olympian, God and Ruler of the Seas

Range: Cross-dimensional/Universal via powerscaling

Weakness: Weaker when possesses human body

Accuracy: Extremely High

Standard Equipment: His Kamui, Trident, Marine Scales


Battle History in The Arena:

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