Powerscaling is the method used to determine the strength of various fictional characters who have demonstrated few, or even no actual feats. Powerscaling is based on heirarchical logic, narrative statements, and character's statements, that's why this method sometimes is wrong and unreliable.

The example of wrong powerscaling: "Sage of 6 paths was said to be the strongest ninja therefore he should be faster and more durable than everyone in his verse". The problem is Sage doesn't have any on-panel feats, nor he has any proof except for word - of - mouth, that's why assuming that he's faster or more durable is just a speculation since Sage didn't show neither his speed nor his tanking abilities.

In some cases powerscaling is a reliable method. In Dragon Ball power levels determine character's general stats so it would be safe to assume that Yamcha, who has greater power level than Raditz, is massively hypersonic moon buster too.

Powerscaling usually falls in the area of speculation so usually it would be better to use actual feats instead.

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